22 Mar 2021

Backseat Mafia reviews DJINN's Transmission

They say:

Succeeding two massively different but similarly mercurial and explorative releases as their respective parent bands, Goat and Hills, DJINN summon vivid, revitalised spirits on their third full release Transmission – their second on Rocket Recordings.

For all the quintessentially DJINN, inherently genre-melting fusions that Transmission pours together, the duo also (as ever) push through to an almighty plane of transcendent sound.

Experienced on Transmission’s ancestors Avant De Servir and their self-titled release, the duo’s overblown notes and crazed sax dirges pervade here in heightened fever and naked, artistic expression. This is exhibited superbly on “Sun Ooze” and “Creator of Creation”: the former a vibrant plethora of percussion clattering through the sax maelstrom, which furrows a through-line from preceding material, albeit a wholly developed beacon of spiritual sound. The latter expands on the jazz effusing, piano-sax partnership on 2019’s Djinn & Djuice via a groove-centred dirge, fitted with shamanic vocal incantations.

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