7 Mar 2021

The Psych Rock reviews Urdog's album 'Long Shadows: 2003-2006'

They say:

Urdog – Long Shadows: 2003-2006 is a compilation of the strange and ahead of its time band Urdog. In the tradition of Acid Folk and Experimental psychedelic music Urdog pushes the envelope. They use echoing electric guitars, folk instrumentation, tribal percussion and freak folk vocals. The sound is strange, otherworldly and lysergic. They share musical resonance with Espers, Fern Knight, Alison Cotton, Fursaxa, Comets On Fire, Six Organs Of Admittance, Sun Burnt Hand Of Man, Cerberus Shoal, and Tau.

This collection from Urdog puts together the best of this largely unknown band with a new mix and master for the best representation of their sound. The chanting droning vocal style with trans-personal lyrics combines with strummed acoustic instruments, fuzzed synth, heavily effected electric guitar sounds and organs striking a balance between acid folk and acid rock...

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