24 Dec 2020

Seasonal 40% off Rocket sale – for one week only!

At the start of the year, who would've thought the only way to experience a live event from your favourite bands would be sitting in a room (possibly on your own) listening to one of their albums as loud as your neighbours could cope with it. Rocket HQ has been doing their fair share of imaginary gigs this year but frankly I think we can safely say we can't wait to get out & 'feel' the live experience again, after all who doesn't want the sensation of frenzied vibrating air molecules & pulsating lights rushing over you again?

So as a 2nd best experience which nonetheless we value greatly too, we hope to bring some recorded Christmas delight to your worn out ears. And as a huge thank you we are offering 40% off our available Rocket Stock on our Bandcamp store for the whole of Christmas week starting Christmas Day and ending New Years Day.

So fuck 2020, end it on a high in 'a reality you can rely on' & disappear in smoke.

Discount code: 'fuck2020' from 9am tomorrow (25th December).

Rocket Bandcamp

On a personal note, both John & Chris would like to thank you all for your continued support this year.  At times it's been more challenging than ever, some things have happened this year we never foresaw & it all feels stronger as a community.  As a Label  we strive hard to try and bring you the work of a magnificent wide ranging roster of bands that we are very proud of with hope they can all get to perform again next year.

So even if everything  we do isn't to your taste, we value your open mindedness in what feels like quite a closed minded outside world at times & therefore hope we help in some way to lift your experience beyond.

We have also compiled a special playlist of tracks taken from each Rocket release that came out in 2020. You can listen to via the Soundcloud or Spotify link below:

Soundcloud   Spotify

John & Chris