2 Dec 2020

Fragmented Flaneur reviews 'Long Shadows: 2003-2006' by Urdog

They say:

I only ever visited Providence, Rhode Island, once; for the briefest of times, when driving from New York up to Provincetown (on Cape Cod) for a rather wonderful winter holiday. We stopped for a lunch break, and I had the first of many clam chowders during that memorable holiday. I remember it to this day because it was the first time our baby son was able to sit in a high chair at the table and, because of this, Providence has been a place that has resonated with me more than somewhere I’ve only spent a couple of hours in perhaps should.

That was in 2007, by which time the band Urdog had already been and gone… a band that has also passed into the annals of time, to the extent that I certainly had not been previously aware of them before Johnny and Chris from Rocket Recordings brought them to my attention. They were formed in Providence (hence my story) in 2003, and lasted only three years; a veritable lunch stop in terms of the history of music… yet one that deserves to be recollected and dwelt upon.

You can read the full story of how Rocket have come to release this retrospective on vinyl here, and I am very glad that they did because this is an absolute gem of a collection which deserves a much wider audience...

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