15 Dec 2020

Crypt Guard reviews Koob Tercu's Proto Tekno

They say:

After last year's stellar 'Kharrüb', Kooba Tercu returns with another batch of capricious sonic delinquents. Rambunctious in nature and with an affinity to alarm-like noise, gripping rhythmics and enticing layering, 'Proto Tekno' makes for a gripping listening session. Gnarly synthesizers and sawing basslines prance upon urban percussive vandalism on 'Cemento Mori' whereas 'Filter Feeder' feels like a representation of a 21st-century jam. The collective led by Johnny Tercu constructs experimental transmissions on a platter of African rhythms and humming electronics, sonically reflecting on the shortsighted laissez-faire attitude of homo sapiens. 'Proto Tekno' is the descent into a groove-driven cornucopia of feedback-drenched unctions with an oddly danceable afterglow.

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