13 Dec 2017

Skinny reviews Gnod (R&D) Live in Glasgow

It reads:

Remember the good old days, mate?” barks sardonic Gnod vocalist Paddy Shine over a din of frenzied drums and warped electronics. He illuminates: “these are the good old days.” Gnod aren’t a group too concerned with their own immediate past. 

Last time the Salford lot were this far north, they were visibly buzzing off the release of their foaming drone rock mouthful Just Say No to the Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine – so much so that the explosive chaos of their set at Glasgow’s Flying Duck seemed to detonate their interest in rock entirely, leaving a fertile clearing for the group’s next incarnation. This time around, Shine and Gnod co-founder Chris Haslam have shed a few 'Gnodheads' to bring their exploratory project on the road as a two-piece – having also acquired two percussionists somewhere along the way – but you could hardly call the results stripped-back...

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