6 Dec 2017

Julie's Haircut get more love in the end of Year charts

Prestigious Italian music magazine Mucchio put Julie’s Haircut's Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin in at number 7 of their yearly round-up, and they said:

Julie’s Haircut – Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin
The 7th album, the first for the english label Rocket recordings (yes, the same as Goat). The psychedelia of the outfit, with the add-on of Laura Agnusdei on sax, points to a dark, cosmic and esoteric reiteration. Krautrock, analogue electronica, free jazz. Instrumental fugues and sinister, mysterious voices. Everything blends into one of the most international and visionary italian albums of the year. The umpteenth precious step in a path ever more important, with no equals.

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The album also has been included in this Top 20: Sentire Ascoltare

And they said (roughly translated):

Julie’s Haircut 

Cleanse our Christmas spirits from such darkness, we rely on the usual ritual benefits and animists that our Julie's Haircut sign in their first test on Rocket Recordings: their Invocation refers to the usual esoteric instances, clearing the key concepts through a deconstruction of the jazz form (we are in the area-Macerus) and the redundancies of school kraut (dirty word).