31 Dec 2017

Rocket Probes – December Playlist

Mamuthones – Fear on the corner
(Incredible new Mamuthones album – our first release of our 20th year...the title hints to the Talking Heads/Miles Davis psyched out, mash-up that you will find within the LPs grooves)

Gnod (R&D) – Vol 1
(Great ltd tape release on Tesla – the first outing by Gnod (R&D))
Gnod (R&D)

Lonker See – Split Image
(Our obsession with the current stunning Polish underground scene continues)
Lonker See 

Richard Dawson – Peasent
(Deservedly high-up in many end of year lists...produced by Sam Grant from Pigsx7 in his Blank Studios, and Mat and John from Pigsx7 are play his live band)
Richard Dawson

Lotto – VV
(Further excursions into the beauty of repetition from Poland)

Tomaga – Memory In Vivo Exposure
(Loving this latest EP from the Tomaga, their best release yet)

Faine Jade – Peoples Games Play
(Guitarist from Hills turned us on to this rhythmic 60s kaleidoscopic pop song)
Faine Jade

Rûwâhîne - Ifriqiyya Electrique
(Doomy, trance inducing sufi rhythms from south Tunisia – discovered from The Quietus's end of year round-up, which is an essential guide to the worlds best and most exciting new music)

Nicole Mitchell – Egoes War / Forestwall Timewalk 
(Two great tracks of fuzzed jazz fusion)
Nicole Mitchell 

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Murder Of The Universe
(Progged out craziness from the Gizzard)
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Jibóia – Manasha
(Baba Yaga’s Anthony played this on his NTS show, we loved Jibóia last album but didn’t know this)

Elias Al Rahbani - La Dance De Nadia
(Killer Turkish groove turned onto by the great people behind Tales of Voodoo)
Elias Al Rahbani 

No Mightier Creatures – No Mightier Creatures
(Ex Serpentina Satelite frontman's self released debut album now on vinyl)
No Mightier Creatures

Saagara – 2
(More amazing repetitive jazz from Poland)

Brown Spirits - Optokinetic response
(‘Cave’ like repetitive minimal rock)
Brown Spirits 

Carlos Casas – Pyramid of Skulls
(Hands in the Dark got us into this great release of experimental noise repetitions)
Carlos Casas

Malayeen – Samia
(Another amazing track from Baba Yaga’s NTS show…proper psyched out grooves)

(Great new album to finish the year with, a fully immersive listen)

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