6 Dec 2017

Gigsoup put Goat in their Top 10 albums of the year

They say:

04 Goat – Fuzzed In Europe (Rocket Recordings)
Compiled from recordings from their late 2016 tour, the masked Swedish collective’s energetic and exuberant live performances are now available in all their tribalistic glory. Blending fuzzed-out psych-rock with world music influences, the album offers a heavily jammed take on tracks from their three studio albums. Originally an edgy two-minute rocker, ‘Run to Your Mama’ gets an epic ten-minute makeover with wah-wah driven freak-outs reverberating over an entrancing rhythm section. ‘Talk To God’ is another highlight with its distinctive riff, beat and chanted vocals giving way to swelling onslaughts of guitar noise, while the more muted and melodic ‘I Sing In Silence’ proves these mysterious music makers have a gentler side behind their extravagant masks and robes.

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