2 Dec 2017

Psych Insight puts Flowers Must Die and Hey Colossus in his Albums of the 'last half of the' Year list

They say:

Hey Colossus – The Guillotine
This, then, is another album that has really hit the mark in 2017. With ‘The Guillotine’, Hey Colossus have hit a sweet spot of musical development and lyrical anger that raises this album above their previous already excellent offerings. This is an album that I am only just beginning to appreciate. It’s an album that I could listen to a hundred times and still see new ideas, hear new sounds, and feel new emotions. It’s yet another example of the way in which bands in the so-called psych scene are growing and developing, expanding the leftfield and challenging the status quo in several directions and dimensions.

Flowers Must Die – Kompost
This, then, is an eclectic album that sees the band transitioning and developing into something different and, actually, far more interesting. It is an album that says to me, ‘yeah we are a psych band, and this is a psych album…but psych can mean many different things…here they are!” The Cosmic Dead recently declared that ‘Psych is Dead‘, for me this ‘Kompost’ album says that psych is alive…but it’s moving on…it is expanding its limits in new and interesting ways. Not a decaying mush but a vibrant genre which Flowers Must Die are feeding in a new way…

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