15 Dec 2017

Listen to exclusive new GOAT track on the short movie 'Killing Gävle'

Goat were approached by film maker Joe Fletcher to write a track for his short film called Killing Gävle.

The band obliged and wrote quite possibly their best ever track, entitled 'Let it Burn'.

Goats music is present throughout the whole film but it is at the stories climax at 16:20 when you will hear a short edit of the track 'Let it Burn'.

You can watch the film in all it's glory exclusively over at The Guardian now: The Guardian.


Info about the film:

In Sweden, the goat traditionally pulls Santa's sleigh and has come to symbolise Christmas. Gävle's businesses believe the square effigy brings both local families and tourists to the city, boosting the economy. But other people in the dark forests surrounding the city hold a different view. Their traditions date back to pre-Christian times, when Swedish people worshipped Norse gods – including the goat Heidrun, the goddess of enlightenment, and Thor, the god of thunder, who rode two goats. Each night he would burn and eat them, only for them to be reborn the following morning to pull his his chariot once more.

The pagans believe that the Christians of Gävle unknowingly build this giant statue to the Norse gods, so each Christmas they must try to burn it down before the end of the year, ensuring the return of the sun and another good year of harvests.

So each year, the people of Gävle corral around the goat, protecting its Christmas symbolism from the pagan outsiders who make their way to the square to try to burn the goat down.

Info about the writer/director:

Studied film at The Art Institute of Chicago and Columbia before moving to LA to become the self help guru Buck Sterling for the pilot of his uncomisioned C4 series Pro$perathon.

Now as a filmmaker and DJ he makes documentaries about the strange and wonderful worlds, stories and musicians that his every growing record collection reveals to him.

His first feature American B-Side is the story of his heartbroken 2001 crate-digging journey across the American South discovering the incredibly bizarre life stories of forgotten, amateur musicians, (including Christian Ventriloquists, Amputee Fiddlers and Anti-Evolution rock and rollers). It won best Cinematography at Chicago International last year and is about to go to market with Bedlam Productions. To accompany the film he made a series of radio shows about some of the musicians for BBC World Service, this was also broadcast on Radio 4.

For the last 9 years he has run a giant cruise ship stage at Glastonbury Festival which nightly sails its party goers to exotic musical shores.

Next up are two feature docs both of which will be coproduced by his new Barcelona production company Simulacra. The first is the strange, poignant story of a suitcase full of body parts that washed ashore beside a lake in Austria in 2015 and the other, filmed in The Congo, follows the pupils of a school housed in the ruins of former President Mobutu’s jungle palace as they learn and perform Macbeth.