7 Dec 2017

Gnoomes feature in Gig Soup Music Top Ten Albums of The Year

We are delighted to say that our Gnoomes album 'Tschak!' features at number 6 in Gig Soup Music writers Top Ten Albums of The Year.

6 Gnoomes ‘Tshak!’

Laid out there still, in Manchester’s Piccadilly Records, is Gnoomes’ weirdo debut: ‘Tschak’. The day I found it, unfortunately, was a day of complete and utter-regret. What a fool I had been to pick Hibushibire’s ‘Freak Out Orgasm’ over this mighty Russian nu-psychedelia record. Oh! My sweet ‘Tschak!, how you have tortured me and how I miss the touch of your tight and sugary embrace. Still, to this day I shamefully forget about you. Hopefully, by seeing this, you will forgive me for my faults and make your way into my caressing nature. I will never forget the time we spent together in that minute store, gazing out upon the wilderness that is the Mancunian City Centre.

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