13 Dec 2017

Atom Heart Mutha Interviews Gnoomes

Atom Heart Mutha asked Gnoomes some questions about one of their AlHM's Albums of the Year.

It reads:

Atom Heart Mutha...Albums of the Year 2017. Gnoomes - Tschak!

Its great to catch up with you! How are you all? 

Hi John! Great to hear from you, and big thanks again for putting us into your top 10 albums of this year!
We're all good here, our line-up has changed slightly: no dismissals, but a reinforcement. Our vocalist swapped the bass for the guitar, while Masha, our tour-manager, took his place on the bass! We're really excited about this. Looking forward to showing people how it’s sounding.

How has 2017 been for Gnoomes? 

It’s been a great year for the band. We’d say it was the most productive year we’ve ever had yet. First of all, we released our second album ‘Tschak!’ via Rocket Recordings on the March 10th. Secondly, we’d been touring over Switzerland and the UK with this album. Thirdly, there were a few amazing collaborations with the great musicians such as Lorelle Meets The Obsolete, Julie’s Haircut etc. This finally led to a remix album where all tracks from ‘Tschak!’ have been reworked by extraordinary people. It has been released on the December 1st and you can buy a limited tape or the digital version via our Bandcamp page...

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