22 Dec 2017

Panthersan makes Hey Colossus their No.1 album of the year

It reads:

My number one record is also my biggest surprise of the year. I’ve been buying and listening to Hey Colossus since their debut way back in 2004. Along the way they developed into a staple of awkward underground noise rock that was never less than crushingly heavy and chaotically dissonant, with vocals mumbled, screamed and pushed to the back of the mix. It was a big shock then, when I got The Guillotine home (I picked up a copy in Brighton on a super short stayover in the summer) and found….well, not exactly a straight ahead rock record, but as damn close to one as HC are ever going to get. The crushing riffs are still there, but the vocals are right to the fore and there are even verses and choruses and everything. The chaos of old is still there, but it is reigned in and kept bubbling just below the surface to let the songwriting and lyrics come through. A great British rock record for modern times.

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