6 Jun 2019

Soundblab review Gnoomes MU!

Soundblab review Gnoomes MU!

They say:

Sitting here, listening to a few of my favourite artists of the last few years like Goat, Flowers Must Die, White Manna, Follakzoid, I realise that these bands, apart from the obvious broad church of psychedelia they inhabit, also have an experimental reach going well beyond the folk music of their respective countries. They make me think a lot about the music that laid the foundation for my own musical tastes. They strive to make their music multicultural rather than cultural. They pay no deference to musical fads. They revel in patchworking sounds into something new and vibrant, and even if the results are sometimes perplexing, they’re always fresh, always stimulating.

Gnoomes is another such band. ‘Utro’ is as strong an opener as I’ve heard in a while. A suffusion of fuzzed up guitar and unearthly synthesiser backfilled with monstrous bass and served up as rave music for psych fans. It’s as cool as it sounds. ‘Sword in the Stone’ is a motoric rocker which sounds like something that might have resulted should Alan Vega have written a song for Tears for Fears......

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