6 Jun 2019

Mix it all up reviews Gnoomes live in Portsmouth

They say:

Russia’s Gnoomes headlined the night bringing their psych, kraut rock and self-coined stargaze to the worlds first and currently only crocodile church that is The House of Rapture. The band are close to finishing up their seven date UK tour in support of their latest album release ‘Mu!’ last week. I’d only come across Gnoomes for the first time following the release of their latest single ‘Glasgow Coma State‘ a month or so back but was impressed enough by the experimental side of their music that I knew they were a must to see live.

The lights were dimmed in an attempt to give the space an even more “church” style vibe and Gnoomes took to the stage for a set of experimental goodness. Their live performance was much less frantic but more intense than what I’d expected based upon listening to their music. Hypnotic and mesmerising would be the best way to describe Gnoomes absorbing, mostly fuzz-filled, even sometimes ambient cacophony of sounds and noise live. With expansive layers of cold-wave, psychedelic sounds amongst almost indecipherable vocals, the quartet manage to create something ethereal but also harsh in the best sense of the word. Gnoomes are a band that you’ve got to see live to appreciate their music fully....

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