10 Jun 2019

Get into This reviews Gnoomes live in Liverpool

They say:

...Gnoomes. Yeah! They start off doing their best Good Cop, Bad Cop routine. It’s all quite measured and synthy at first. Quite subtle. Until the manic drums kick in and the guitar gets annoyed.

This will be some ride.

There’s so much reverb on the vocals and echo on the guitar that it’s difficult to tell which band member is making which noise. Not that it matters, because this is a glorious meld of noise and rhythm. They are equally happy playing 4-minute numbers from MU! as they are grinding out 10-minute behemoths from earlier albums.

Maybe the longer numbers are actually where the band shines most. These are the songs given room to breathe and grow. To develop into interesting spaces.

The Good Cop synths are getting angry now, as is pretty much everything else and Gnoomes hit their power boost button. GC leaves the room. And what we get is an ever increasing level of intensity that has this room not quite sure how to respond. It’s mesmerising. It’s special...

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