27 Jun 2019

Bandcamp daily interviews Gnoomes for article on Russian Shoegaze

They say:

Gnoomes’ reputation has been rapidly growing thanks to 2017’s Tschak! and this year’s MU!, both powerful albums full of psych/electronic fusions. The band freely cite shoegaze as their initial inspiration, and early releases, like 2014’s It’s moonbow-time, boy, are awash in gently-lapping waves of guitar and distant, mournful vocals. “We were big fans of that particular genre for a long time, since we were kids,” says keyboardist Masha Piankova. “We weren’t able to go see bands play live, so we got all our info from the Internet. When we started as a new band, we called ourselves shoegaze—not even shoegaze: Stargaze!”

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