14 Jun 2019

2nd Poster for Apollo’s Moon Shot : Teeth Of The Sea Live Score

Here is the 2nd poster for the Teeth of Sea Show at the Science Museum IMAX on the 21 June.


Smithsonian Channel And The Science Museum Present:

Apollo’s Moon Shot :
Teeth Of The Sea Live Score


Join the Science Museum for a unique preview of Smithsonian Channel's new series 'Apollo’s Moon Shot' with a live score from Teeth Of The Sea.

'Apollo’s Moon Shot' looks back on one of the most important leaps forward in human history, exploring the journey from America’s first manned orbit to the last man on the Moon. The six-part series premieres on 17 June on the recently launched Smithsonian Channel UK and airs weekly throughout June and July.

We will be screening an abridged feature-length cut of the documentary series, with a live score performed by London psychedelic rockers Teeth of the Sea and introduced by famed American aviator and NASA 'Mercury 13' astronaut trainee Mary Wallace 'Wally' Funk.

Tickets: Science Museum