13 Jun 2019

PROG say some words about The Utopia Strong

They say:

Steve Davis and Kavus Torabi release first new music from Utopia Strong
Former World Snooker champion Steve Davis and Gong/Knifeworld's Kavus Torabi's new musical outfit, The Utopia Strong, have released the first new music. You can listen to the ten-minute long Brainsurgeons 3 in full below.

The pair, along with Coil/Guapo member Michael J. York, will release their self-titled debut album through Rocket recordings on September 13.

“The band evolved from having had so much fun together and also sharing similar musical tastes,” former Prog columnist Davis told us. “Mike was living in Glastonbury where Kavus and I DJ’d in 2017. We all hung out together during the festival and the Utopia Strong was born. The name came later and I suppose reflects the fact that - once we’d jammed together and listened back to the improvising - the music felt pretty euphoric and otherworldly. It was very psychedelic but also strangely wonky”...

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