30 Jun 2019

Rocket Probes – June 2019 playlist

The Utopia Strong – Brainsurgeons 3
(Killer 10min+ track by this new Rocket three-piece – the vinyl is a thing of beauty too!)

Papivore  Death and Sprong
(Agathe from KURO and Tom from Tomaga...really great new sounds on Hands in the Dark)

Errant Monks – The Táltos
(Sad to hear Errant Monks are no more, but at least they left us this...)
Errant Monks

Astral Social Club & Grumbling Fur Time Machine Orchestra
(Unfolding, repetitive loveliness)
Astral Social Club & Grumbling Fur

Attempted Moustache – You're The One
(Another Cherrystones endorsed banger!)
Attempted Moustache

Prairie WWWW  Pán
(Kosmiche grooved pop from Taiwan...'another' Heather from Black Impulse tip)
Prairie WWWW

White Manna – Ape on a Sunday
(Nice psyched out jams on Cardinal Fuzz)
White Manna

Cosmo Vitelli – Kuldip
(Cosmic groove)
Cosmo Vitelli

Stereolab – Jenny Ondioline Part 2 (Breakdown Mix)
(Great unreleased version on the recent reissue..thanks John Hirst)

Carter Tutti Void  t3.5
Carter Tutti Void

Einsturzende Neubauten – Armenia
(Looping noise)
Einsturzende Neubauten

Rien virgule  Des Punks sur nos Caillebotis
(Postpunk Can sounds from France)
Rien virgule

Hama – Houmeissa
(Great synth rave from Niger that Joe from Hey Colossus played during his 6 Music interview)

Gazelle Twin  Belly of the beast
(Repetitions...a modern Munic & Elsewhere)
Gazelle Twin

Frozen Sun  Electric Soul
(Fuzz rock)
Frozen Sun

Queens of the Stone Age  Born to Hula (Old Version)
(Nice groove out at the end)
Queens of the Stone Age

Pious Faults – Old Thread
(Thanks to Adam Reid for telling us about this Australian noise band)
Pious Faults

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