2 Jul 2021

The Holy Family S/T debut album is released today

"A fog-draped psych folk journey trapped between the mind and the astral plane." 

Raven Sings the Blues

"Its radiance falls on your closed eyelids, scattering light."
The Sleeping Shamen

"Music for absolute entrancement and immersion."
Backseat Mafia 

The Holy Family's incredible S/T debut album is out now on ltd edition double LP and CD.

We have sold out of the Rocket shop version of the LP, but another ltd version on double grey vinyl is available now from your favourite record shop.

The ltd edition CD (600 copies), can be bought from here: Bandcamp


We are having a little launch party tonight at Servant Jazz Quarters in Dalsotn/London to celebrate the album's release - join us for a full album playback and dj set from Holy Family member Kavus and his DJ partner Steve Davis.

Due to covid restrictions it is an all seated event so numbers are ltd – these seats are available on a first come first served basis. Kicks off at 7pm.


The scope of The Holy Family - an auditory Rorschach test across thirteen tracks rich in adventure and intrigue - is boundless. It’s an intrepid voyage through sound-worlds that takes in all manner of incarnations, as spidery zeuhl, oceanic kosmische, blissful pastoral and celluloid-score tension are visited here in search of some greater universal truth. Yet all of these stylistic forays are married with relentless dream logic into one unifying kaleidoscopic vision.

Mercurial and mystical yet charged with primal energy, this is a classic double album as forum for chimerical experimentation - shifting in form and structure every time it travels from the record racks to the stereo, and revealing yet more psychic landscapes with each listen. 

Submit to its spell, and join The Holy Family.