2 Jul 2021

Neolyd reviews The Holy Family

It reads:

Anyone who has ever heard "Tomorrow Never Knows" by the Beatles will usually not forget this wonderful-abstruse-crazy-psychedelic song anytime soon. A few years later after publication, John Lennon coolly stated that at the time of Revolver he himself had consumed LSD quite often. According to George Martin, while recording in the studio, Lennon said: "I want to sound like the Dalai Lama singing from the top of the mountain and still hearing the words I sing."

Translated soberly, or for the audio-technical realization of Lennon's request, this meant for the Beatles to let all tape loops run backwards, to apply a flanging and Leslie effect over the tracks and finally to use the Tibetan Book of the Dead as a template for the lyrics in the piece. Quasi the DIY for a legendary psych hit - or something like that. In order not to span the arc too far: The Holy Family trigger one thing in me with their debut album of the same name, a romantic memory of what is perhaps the strangest and at the same time most fascinating Song that I've heard in my life so far...

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