26 Aug 2017

The voice of Cassandre to air exclusive Goat Playlist

Goat have been approached by The voice of Cassandre Radio show to curate an exclusive playlist for them and this playlist will be aired here:

sunday 3 september (6:00 pm Athens time) on http://sinwebradio.com/
monday 4 september (24 pm, Greece time) on http://www.rodonfm.net/

sunday 3 september (10 pm/Tel Aviv Time) on http://www.106fm.co.il/

wednesday 6 septembre (7:00 pm Paris time) on http://www.lautreradio.fr/
wednesday 6 september (11:00 pm - Paris time) on http://www.jetfm.asso.fr/
friday 8 september (11:00 pm - Paris time) on http://www.radioprimitive.fr/www/Bienvenue.html
friday 1 september (11 pm/Paris time) on http://crockradio.com/
tuesday 5 septembre (10 pm/Paris time) on http://crockradio.com/

thursday 7 september (23:00 pm/London time) on http://www.sinefm.com/