22 Aug 2017

Read Quietus interview with Joe from Hey Colossus

It reads:

Hey Colossus are stalwarts of the UK underground, a scene that has changed beyond recognition since they formed. Ahead of their set on our stage at Sea Change this weekend, bassist Joe Thompson looks at the rapidly changing world of DIY and asks, does the concept still exist?

When Hüsker Dü signed to Warners in 1987, noted puritan Ian MacKaye of Fugazi observed that once-DIY bands signing major meant they were no longer "confederates in the same conspiracy". To talk about the term DIY in relation to how one acts with one's music is both personal - and a minefield. Once you step out of your bedroom shouting about your music you're arguably already one step away from being PURE DIY... 

Read the full piece here: The Quietus