1 Aug 2017

Soundblab reviews Teeth of the Sea at Golden Cabinet

It says:

...Things take a turn into distinctly epic territory with the arrival of London’s Teeth of the Sea. The band combines electronica, overdriven guitar and trumpet to create something akin to one of Ennio Morricone’s iconic Western soundtracks. If that particular Western happened to be a somewhat psychedelic affair set in the farthest regions of space. Suitably psychedelic visuals light up the screen behind the band, making the performance a satisfyingly immersive experience. 

It’s a sound that’s hard to pinpoint or pigeonhole, as the band manages to incorporate everything from pulsating, techno-indebted rhythms to feedback drenched guitar solos. Guitarist Jimmy Martin gleefully throws his guitar around as the songs build-and-build to moments of pure release and catharsis. By the time the wonderfully tense march of ‘Black Strategy’ steams into view my jaw has well and truly hit the floor...

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