1 Aug 2017

Reviews of Goat live at Womad 2017

"Swedish band Goat have also built a career on anonymity, hiding behind tribal masks and even creating a mythology for themselves that claims they come from the remote northern province of Korpilombolo where they grew up among a culture of voodoo worship and witch doctors. Rather than some crude cultural appropriation, the seven piece’s set, drawn from their three albums of what they describe as ‘world music’, brilliantly blur the lines between Western rock and Saharan desert blues to create propulsive, psychedelic grooves that had the Womad audience leaping up from their camping chairs."

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"...Only on their very last notes did the rain suddenly fall. It herded everyone into a vast tent where the masked Swedish improvisers Goat unleashed a twin-recorder frontline for an unsettling hour; had The Wicker Man been set in Svärtso rather than Summerisle, this is how it would have sounded."

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The Arts Desk
"While hundreds of global acts performed over the weekend, many of the Europeans were at the forefront. The Swedish band Goat attracted an excitable horde at the Siam tent by somehow plugging into Nordic shamanism and mixing it with Hawkwind-esque cosmic jamming: they have unearthed a fertile new hybrid."

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