31 Aug 2017

Rocket Probes – August playlist

Mamuthones – The Wrong Side
(We shouldn't be sharing anything from the new Mamuthones album yet as it isn't finished but we are so excited by what we have heard we decided to reveal this taster on the 199 Radio interview we did – track comes on around 1h 44m)

Ju Ju – And play a game
(Amazing new single from the ex Lay Llama - perfect kraut-disco grooves on Fuzz Club)
Ju Ju

Joshua Abrams & Natural Information Society ‎– Sideways Fall
(We loved their split with Bitchin Bajas...a must for fans of Necks, Can and colourful repetitive flavours)
Joshua Abrams & Natural Information Society

Skullflower - Cellestial highway II
(Addictive groove engulfed in feedback dirge)

Routine Death – Demo Tracks
(New lofi shoegaze-psych project from Holy Wave's Dustin) 
Routine Death 

Purple Canteen – Brains in my feet
(Proper fuzzed sounds from '68)
Purple Canteen

Cattle - Natures Champion
(Great heavy, psychy post punk sludge from Leeds...amazing live band so check them out)

Robert Leiner ‎– Injected
(Nice 7" of kraut techno on Hoga Nord – thanks to Rickard from Flowers Must Die for turning us onto this)
Robert Leiner 

James Holden & The Animal Spirits – Pass Through The Fire
(Great repetitive jazz grooves in a Necks/Joshua Abrams/Soft Machine kinda way)
James Holden & The Animal Spirits 

Teleplasmiste – Frequency is the New Ecstasy
(Great droning loveliness)

Calico Wall – I'm a living sickness
(Now that is what I call FUZZ...(also worth checking out the Dwarves version!)
Calico Wall

Buzz – Lo Sai
(French new wave from 1985 that has a bit of a nice Can feel to it)

Brainbombs – Agony
(Heavy repetition)

Grauzone ‎– Eisbær
(Repetitive post punk from Switzerland in '81)

Kondaktor - Kazakos Sereos
(Tribal grooved industrial techno)

Red C - 6 O'Clock news
(Crass like punk on Dischord from '82)
Red C

Listen to a selection of these in our updated monthly Rocket Probes Spotify playlist: