15 Aug 2017

The Quietus reviews Hey Colossus at Fluffer party

It reads:

Hey Colossus take things more traditionally, playing to one side of the room and backed by a wall of speakers. Theirs is not a circular, all encompassing approach to their projection, but a concentrated, specific blast on one section of the room, noticeably the side of stage with the least space for the crowd to escape. Frontman Paul Sykes makes full use of his close proximity, one foot placed with purpose atop the small metal barriers between him and us, which rattles in time to the pummelling, shuddering lurches of the band, firing through the rushing brilliance of their last tritpych of terrific albums, In Black & Gold, Radio Static High and The Guillotine, theirs is a set to savour...

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Photo by Amos Memon