25 Jan 2017

The Know interviews Gnoomes about new album Tschak!

It reads:

The Russian three-piece Gnoomes release their second record for Rocket Recordings, ‘Tschak!’ just eighteen months after their blissful debut at a suitably volatile time for the world. We had a chat with the guys about their new release.

The cover of your new record is quite striking, can you tell us about your choice of artwork for ‘Tschak!’?

The cover is relevant to the name of the album. We gave our LP the name ‘Tschak!’ apparently in homage to ‘Ngan!’ but primarily we wanted to connect our music to the Soviet times. This is because we used a lot of soviet analog gear during the production and the studio space where we recorded stuff was built in the 70s.

In our opinion ‘Tschak!’ is the sound of a soviet TV being switched off and when our label boss Chris Reeder showed us this option for the sleeve we were absolutely blown away because it fit to the idea perfectly!

Is there anything you’d like to tell us about the album? How were your inspirations and processes different from Ngan! and what do you hope listeners will get from the record?...

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