31 Jan 2017

Clap Bands gives Julie's Haircut a 9/10 album review

It reads (roughly translated):

Sisco Montalto - Three years after the last album - Ashram Equinox - come back on stage the Julie's Haircut and they do, again, with a highly distinctive work.

The path of Emilian band is always consistent with an experimental vision of music, which over the years has prevailed over everything else.

Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin, seventh work, is probably the pinnacle of the art of Julie's, the most mature album is said in these cases. In the new full length as well as a consolidated awareness of their capabilities (visionary) of composers, there is a completeness and perfection typical of those albums that hardly could repeat.

The disk structure, with long instrumental session, creates a kaleidoscope of abstract images and asymmetrical from entrelacement. Ecstasy abducts the listener, dragging in dense sound textures, full of unpredictable twists.

A succession of traditional sounds (electric guitars, piano, drums, synth) and "" artificial noise, old style between rock and electronics. The horn sections can give elegance that a record like you would not expect. The voice used by Julie's often as a further effect of the myriad of sound games, here becomes the protagonist in some cases even through effective texts that only increase the lysergic Album atmosphere.

The album starts quietly and then grow and explode in a swirl of sounds from the hypnotic rhythm. Gathering Light is the pinnacle before closing almost whispered Koan.

It 'a real ritual dance that of Julie's Haircut, a music without borders that would be a shame to label.

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