19 Jan 2017

Gods in the TV reviews Feed the rats by Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs

It reads:

Feed the Rats is the absolutely devastating LP from Newcastle five-piece Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs (or Pigs X 7 as they are affectionately known). Borne out of the bands Ommadon, Blown Out, Khunnt, Pigs  X 7’s Feed the Rats is the coming together of like minds to produce an album that is 36.45 minutes long and has three tracks on it. Already you know this isn’t going to be easy listening.  But downloading or buying an LP by a band called Pigs X 7 never would be, would it? And all the better for it, I say.

Opener ‘Psychopomp’ starts with pounding drums (high in the mix, nice) and has a heavy as shit slow bass riff. Corrosive guitar comes in and the mad banshee wailing of the lead singer. The simplistic bass riff is so bloody effective and drives this throbbing, unrelenting track on its brutal attack on all senses. Half way through, it slows down to a halt that allows everyone to catch their breath.  But the respite is short. The bass and noise kicks back in and the vocals summon up all kinds of demons and wickedness at this distortion pedal and gain driven, amplified dirge alter. Absolutely punishing stuff...

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