25 Jan 2017

Psych Insight reviews Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin by Julie’s Haircut

It reads:

When the announcement of what apparently is the seventh album from Julie’s Haircut came in I have to say at I was a little underwhelmed. The title ‘Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin’ was not one that had me scurrying to the download button but, I thought, it’s from Rocket Recordings and as one of my ‘goto’ labels it had surely got to be at least worth a listen. My fear, I think, was that it might be the sort of music that I would struggle to find accessible. I was wrong, never judge a record (completely) by its cover, because this is just one amazing album; and in a minute I’m going to tell you why.

First of all I’m going to include some background that Rocket have provided as part of the information for the album, which was unusually helpful for a press release...

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