7 Jan 2017

Soundblab gives Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Feed the Rats 9/10

It reads:

Feed The Rats is the debut album from Pigs x 7 (it's quicker this way). Made up of members of Ommadon, Blown Out and Khunnt and with the Rocket Recordings seal of approval it promises to be a total headfuck.

There's some feedback, a scream and then a Sabbath riff as Psychopomp gets to its feet and crashes about. For 15 minutes of deep fuzz and loose groove, like a good football team, Pigs x 7 maintain shape and focus. At least until the wah-wah apocalypse at the end. This is forgivable because, as we all know, all songs should end with a wah-wah apocalypse. The single, Sweet Relief (possibly some punning going on here), is a tighter affair matching another classic-sounding, sludgy riff to some skippy drumming and Matt Baty's heavily reverbed holler. It quickly turns into an orgy of shouting and psychedelic guitar, much like Tab by Monster Magnet. Icon is another epic (17 minutes this time). It starts with an Om-like bass intro from John-Michael Hedley, the riff is then taken up by the whole band. Finally, Baty comes in, bellowing into his reverb hole from the edge of insanity. More intense than on previous songs, Pigs x 7 are straining at the leash here until it all slows down so you can hear the crackle of the distortion on the drawn out notes...

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