17 Jan 2017

Five Rise Records say some words on Julie's Haircut

It says:

One of the great things about being a music fan is discovering artists you’ve never heard before. That feeling you get on first listen, then instantly falling in love with them straight away. It’s the similar feeling you get when you find a fiver in your jeans you’ve not worn for a while. That joy and buzz. Then thinking “how did i not know it was here”. It’s a very similar discovering new artists, and thinking “how come I’ve not heard these until now”?

This is the exact feeling I had when I first heard Italian noise mongers ‘Julie’s Haircut’, the opening bars of Gathering Light, the new track taken from the upcoming album Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin, Released on Rocket Recordings: http://www.fiveriserecords.co.uk/product/julies-haircut-invocation-ritual-dance-demon-twin/. It sounded like David Holme’s ‘I Heard Wonders’ with added Mogwai, a pinch of My Bloody Valentine and a hint of Sonic Youth thrown in for good measure. Mixed up in a blender, simmered, stirred then served…. the result? Well…..just blooming fantastic!...

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