27 Jan 2017

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation to release new version of Sister Green Eyes as a single

To coincide with their up & coming tour, Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation will be releasing a reworked version of their sultry album track, “Sister Green Eyes” on 24 February, this will be the bands third single from their much lauded album 2016 album Mirage.

Right from the outset, “Sister Green Eyes” sensuously throbs to a more Eastern drive, with an sedated ‘Velvets’ droned melody, a fluctuating groove straight out of the ‘CAN’ little black book, it flirts around with the hue of a half-goned tranced-out Siouxsie Sioux. Richly hypnotic, the tribal procession of the tracks groove, more predominant than the album version, enamelled with Josefin’s almost broken breathless vocals, progresses like an oscillating raga as if the man machine spirit of recently deceased Jaki Liebezeit was soundtracking an eyelid movie.

As the band explains “Sister Green Eyes” was inspired by the Japanese word “Shinrinyoku” which is sometimes translated and often described as “Forest Bathing”, where submersing oneself so deeply into the atmosphere of the forest or in the band’s case, the Swedish ‘Ocean and Mountains’, that the experience is rejuvenating and restorative so showing you a way that can often seem lost or out of reach and Josefin’s vocals encapsulate that.

There will be an exclusive remix of Rushing through my Mind as the bside of the single, more to be revealed at a later date

The band are on tour in the UK through the end of February and beginning of March, dates below: