30 Sep 2016

Rocket probes – September playlist

Kuro – Kuro
(Debut album by Kuro, amazing string driven, psych-noise drones)

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation – Rushing Through My Mind (Edit)

(A shorter edit from the album version, this time with a little extra Fuzzed up solo)
Josefin Öhrn + Liberation

Goat – Union Of Mind And Soul

(New Goat single....and a different version to the one on the forthcoming album 'Requiem')

Scientist – In Dub / Dub Landing
(These two amazing albums were the late night soundtrack on Goats tour bus...and blew our minds)


(Great fuzzed out wah punk)

Ex Canix ‎– Meeting in the twighlight Zone

(CDR of high quality psyched out jazz'like grooves from this Swedish band that features the drummer from Flowers Must Die) 

Octopus Ride ‎– S/T

(Another CDR by a Flowers Must Die member, this time featuring their trumpet/recorder collaborater... an interesting album that at times sounds like a blissed out Hawkwind/Spacemen 3 meeting the experimental jazz of Revolutionary Army of Infant Jesus) 

Vox Populi! ‎– Aither

(Weird dubby, krauty, afro, avant grooves from late 80's France)
Vox Populi!

France – Do Den Haag Chruch

(Featured on here before but after witnessing their AMAZING live set at Liverpool Psych Fest, had to continue the groove more...stunning stuff)

Arthur Baker – Breaker's Revenge

(What felt like growing up in the middle on nowhere, its amazes at least half of Rocket that Hip Hop & Breakdancing had such an influence on our youth, but yes it did, this Arthur Baker track appeared in a famous 'Beat Street' burnoff scene from the film, so we just tried to replicate it all the time, the roots of Rocket are cast far in all musical directions)
Arthur Baker

John Carpenter – The Duke Arrives/Barricade

(Great tension building repetition track from 'Escape From New York' Soundtrack)
John Carpenter

Love Battery – Foot

(An early Sub Pop favourite, Grunge pop)
Love Battery

Bill Baird – The Summer is gone

(A digital album where every listen is completely unique)
Bill Baird 

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