21 Sep 2016

Italian Rolling Stone interviews Goat

Rough translation:

The mantra of the Goat
A surreal conversation with one of the most mysterious bands around. No one knows who they are, but everyone knows what to do: world music like no other

"I can not tell you my name," was the answer to the first question in this telephone interview, that when it comes to a band usually is: "Hello, who am I speaking?" Well, I talk to the Goat, and, as will be explained below the interviewee, you need not specify the identity. Goat is whole, a group of boys in the far north of Sweden-Korpilombolo, a village that seems to have a history of voodoo communities, which would explain the glaring masks with which they perform-that suddenly found themselves in a room to play.

The result is a world music held together by a psychedelic pasta, heavily indebted to the Jimi Hendrix Experience. The last album Requiem confirms this dual nature, although it is clear that, over time, the thirst for ethnic items to collect a bit 'everywhere is gnawing ground compared to the more classically rock ...

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