28 Sep 2016

Brighton's Finest and Outline review Requiem by Goat

Brighton's Finest:
What sound does Goat make? What does it look like? When talking about the Swedish band Goat that is, it is hard to say. It is certainly psychedelic but when Brightonsfinest did an interview with the band they said, “Psychedelia is music that is free” of any barriers, meaning it could be anything. No one knows what they look like either, or whether they are the same band from one moment to the next – mainly due to the band being dressed head-to-toe in tribal wear with their identity always hidden. The band's genre of highly rhythmic and trance-like music has been played for generations by the Korpilombolo villagers, where the name derives from in Sweden, “Goat as a musical tradition is old, and we are just a recent example of the project…. , there have been recordings of Goat for the last 30 or 40 years”...

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Outline – 9/10
Who hasn’t woken up, feeling dirty and poisoned from five years of Afro-Voodoo lysergic rock feeling compelled to use their road honed skills and newly forged spiritual clarity, to celebrate the cosmos in its multiplicity? Swedish freak royalty Goat joyously release their third LP, encompassing primal screams, Asian spirituality, First Nation tribalism and most evidently, African blues.

Vibrant Trouble In The Streets pours African sunshine from shimmering guitars, Lagos Synths and calypso vocals. A call to prayer begins Psychedelic Lover, a Saharan jam spanning the 1960’s to eternity. Goatband hypnotically re-imagines Gimme Shelter, it’s mesmeric groove a thing of beauty. “Share my bread, taste my food, try my robe”, pretty hippy yeah, but whatever, I’m ritualistically dancing round a fire in Mali wearing antelope antlers, cockerals blood adorning my naked torso. Shades of Lemon Jelly on It's Not Me, NWOHM guitars on Goatfuzz and Goodbye’s freaky Congolese music box groove, Goat are pushing their ceremonial burial ship out, producing tunes to repeatedly dig...

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