28 Sep 2016

Footage and reviews of Gnoomes show at Norwich Arts Centre

Norwich Blog said
Gnoomes were rather unknown to me until I researched them ahead of this gig and I became somewhat fascinated with their rooftop video for the psych, and in their own words “stargazey” Roadhouse, and later was a bit surprised to learn they are in fact from Ural region of Russia. I was looking forward to seeing them onstage very much. Roadhouse is an epic beast over ten minutes of bass led grooves and soft melodic harmonies. A bit like the Stones Roses in their prime jamming with Spiritualized...

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Outline Online said:
Gnoomes are an understated, modest threesome from Russia currently on a small UK tour. I always get excited to see a well stocked pedalboard onstage before a gig begins, and they don't disappoint with the effects tonight. Indecipherable but gently intoned lyrics float through on occasion but certainly don't dominate. There are great sweeping swathes of psychadelic noise, towering skyscrapers of piercing but soft, cloudy shoegazey guitar, with a driving beat behind it all. The interplay between the various energies in the songs, volumes and speeds seem effortless, and it all falls into an easy groove that flows smoothly between them.The drums are incredibly tight, almost electronic in form, which contrasts nicely with the silkiness of the rest of the music...

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