5 Sep 2016

Flowers Must Die reveal a special EP launch show

Flowers Must Die are celebrating the release of their new EP 'Sista Valsen' with a special launch show.

The band say this about it:

"Flowers Must Die´s upcoming release on Rocket Recordings need some celebration! So on the day of the release the 16th of September the bands come together and do a show in the town where it all began, Linköping, Sweden. The venue is a beautiful theatre called Saga. 

The EP called "Sista Valsen" (last dance) which despite the name, feels like a new start for the band. This is the first time the listeners get to hear the latest member Lisa Ekelund use her voice, violin and theremin. The record is the first one to be release on a label outside of Sweden and last month they did their first live show outside of the Nordic countries so the release definitely feels like a new start for the band.

Before the release show they have a date booked in Stockholm, supporting a new band called Strikt Struktur, with members from the legendary Union Carbide Production. This will happen on the 14th of September at Bar Brooklyn."