16 Sep 2016

Flowers Must Die's Sista Valsen EP released today – read Echoes and Dust review

Flowers Must Die's debut release for Rocket, the EP called Sista Valsen is released today.

You can buy it from all good record shops, however there has been a short delay at the manufacturers so it won't be in the shops until next week.

But you can listen and buy it on download from us now: Rocket Bandcamp


And the mighty Echoes and Dust have written this review:

Flowers Must Die – Sista Valsen
I don’t know what the Swedes put in their water but it is currently producing some of the most interesting and exceptionally creative sounds in psychedelic music. On the latest release by Swedish collective Flowers Must Die the group find a headier and more progressive sound, cementing themselves as one of the most interesting psych outfits around today.

The new 4 track EP, released on UK label Rocket Recordings, follows a string of acclaimed LPs and Eps, and on their latest the band have added vocalist and violinist Lisa Ekelund. This brings the group from 5 to 6 members, and what is recorded on the EP is a collection of ‘jams’ that they put together during these early sessions. ‘Jam’ is a very loose term though, because what is on this EP is a tight, extremely visceral sound...

Read the rest here: Echoes and Dust