27 Sep 2016

Da Music reviews Goat's Requiem

Rough translation:

An album title like 'Requiem', you could infer that Goat announces his swansong, but that is reckoned worth. The Swedish rock group, which is always masked on the stage, now once something pompous statements. The band previously released two albums, namely "World Music" and "Commune". The latter record refers to the roots of the band - the group grew in his own words, after all, in a commune in the exotic Korpibompolo - but beckons in this way also to the connection between musician and music fan. 'Requiem' is Goats folk album. Folk, such as in the original sense: popular (re) music. Also: party music. Because just as the group is known for, as evidenced by the shows.

With 'Requiem', the group delivers a musical labyrinth; one that at first hearing may not seem so very accessible. But if you let mature album that you want only too happy to get lost in...

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