17 Aug 2015

Terrascope reviews Hills new album Frid

(LP/CD/Digital from Rocket Recordings)

There is always going to be a nagging concern that a much anticipated follow-up to a landmark debut is going to fall flat. Gone are the days when a band would put out a tentative range finder, build on it and then struggle with the prospect of the difficult third album. Nowadays (hark at him) the debut is often so rehearsed and finely honed that the sophomore is onto a hiding to nothing. Don’t believe me? Then take a while to think of the number of vaunted hotshots who have come veritable croppers trying to match let alone top their opening salvo. Verily, the road to bargain bin hell is littered with New Dylans and biggest things since the Beatles.

Master Sleeps was Hills’ welcome and deservedly lauded introduction to Rocket’s burgeoning roster of heavyweight and increasingly international acts and these sonic Swedes were one of the memorable highlights of the label’s blistering assault on Liverpool international Psych Fest in 2014 – one of the best days of music your reviewer has been privileged to witness this decade.  So how well does eagerly awaited follow-up Frid slice the Dijon you might ask?...

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