7 Aug 2015

Echoes and Dust and Gig Soup sing the praises of 'Hills – Frid'

Hills – Frid

After last year’s Master Sleeps album and a defining set at Liverpool Psych Fest, Hills have a lot riding on this new album Frid and with label-mates Goat making waves in even bigger circles it’s not too much of a leap to see them joining them soon. If there is any hope in this world then this will happen and if it does then Frid will be the perfect album to introduce this quite magnificent band to a wider audience.

Where Master Sleeps set it’s stall out as a pulsating psychedelic dance experience, for me it never quite worked on album. Live, though the band were something else and free of the strictures of the studio, they set about freeing those songs in to the ether. To follow up they have gone even further out and in an effort to bring some of their more out-there influences into play, have created an album which is maybe less accessible than Master Sleeps, but so much more enjoyable...

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Hills – ‘Frid’


Frid is the new album from Swedish psychadelianauts Hills and is the follow up to 2011’s Master Sleeps. 

You’ll struggle to believe that Hills are only a three-piece band and not a whole psychedelic orchestra as opening track ‘Kollektiv’ zaps you into an alternate reality constructed upon layers and layers of reverberating instrumentation. While not overwhelming, the psychedelic sound is immersive and has a grand sense of scale. The stereo pan of the guitar on ‘Kollektiv’ makes you feel like you may well be orbiting it – such is the power of Hills’ aural LSD...

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