3 Aug 2015

Massive Gnod interview on The Quietus

Terrascope's Ian Fraser went up to Islington Mill to interview Gnod for The Quietus, well worth the read:

Grist For The Mill: GNOD Interviewed 
Ian Fraser

Infinity Machines by GNOD is one of tQ's albums of the summer. Ian Fraser meets Salford's finest and finds himself put through the Mill – Islington Mill, that is.


Few contemporary bands can claim to be as innovative, adaptable or difficult to second-guess as Salford-based collective Gnod.

Since forming back in 2007 more than 30 individuals have passed through the ranks although the band quickly coalesced around a core membership working out of Islington Mill in Salford of which Chris Haslam and Paddy Shine have been a constant and creative presence. Marlene Ribeiro and Alex Marcate are the other current full-time members. A “fifth member Raikes Parade occupies the desk while engineer Sam Weaver and sax player David McLean contribute to gigs when available.

Through space rock; motorik and improvised industrial noise to their current recorded incarnation, which might be loosely described as ambient dub/jazz, the band’s sound has flip-flopped and jack-knifed to the extent that no two albums or tours are ever the same. Indeed it’s sometimes hard to credit that they could conceivably be products of the same group of people. Such an approach keeps the music fresh, vibrant and interesting while at the same time confounding critics and audiences who end up either growing with them or bailing out…

Read the rest of the interview here: The Quietus