30 Aug 2015

Rocket probes – August playlist

Gnoomes – Ngan!
(Great new Rocket band from Russia, mixes the kraut repetition of Neu!, with the pop of the Byrds, the noise of My Bloody Valentine)

Hey Colossus – Radio Static High

(Hey Colossus follows their great Black and Gold album with an even greater album, again on Rocket...this band are on fire!!!)
Hey Colossus 

Mamuthones – Symphony for the Devil

(Great new EP on Rocket coming out to coincide with their performance at Liverpool Psych Fest...includes an amazing remix by the great Giant Swan)

Various – Cherrystones presents Critical Mass

(Our 'Nothing is...' compadre delivers another stunning compilation of rare gems, this time from the krauty post punk underground '78-'84)

Flowers Must Die – Montana/Nusrat

(Another month, another Flowers Must Die record and this one is a bit special, probably their best work to date..beautiful picture disc too!!)
Flowers Must Die 

Karen Gwyer – Sugar Tots

(Nice krauty groove and heavy drones)
Karen Gwyer 

Insanlar - Kime Ne (Ricardo Villalobos Mix 1)

(The Quietus's John Doran played this when he Dj'd the Black and Gold launch party, and we been diggin' it ever since)

John Carpenter – Halloween 3 Soundtrack

(Classic Carpenter!!!)
John Carpenter 

Bitchin Bajas – Bitchtronics

(lovely droning psychouts that call to mind Eno/Fripps Morning Star...beautiful stuff!!!)
Bitchin Bajas 

Throbbing Chakra – Megabrain Kluster

(Gothy, fuzzy wah-psych-punk band featuring Zac from the great band Lantern)
Throbbing Chakra 

Obonox – Know America

(Another great album of fuzzed out Funkadelic sounding grooves)

Gwenno - Chwyldro

(Nice bit of Welsh, Broadcast'y groove-psych-pop)

Bob Dylan – Maggies Farm (Live at the Newport Folk Festival)

(Classic 'going electric' performance, some great grooves by Bloomfield and band)
Bob Dylan  

Jane Weaver – Neotantrick Globes

(Interesting deconstruction by Andy Votel and friends of Jane Weavers amazing Silver Globe album)
Jane Weaver 

Fläsket Brinner – Fläsket Brinner

(One of the members of Goat turned us on to this classic album of grooved out swedish psych jazz)
Fläsket Brinner