29 Aug 2015

Bearded Magazine gives 'Hills – Frid' some love

Hills - Frid (Rocket Recordings)
Swedish space rock collective on dazzling form

Released Aug 28th, 2015 via Rocket Recordings / By Richard Lewis
Hills - Frid (Rocket Recordings) Signed to Rocket Recordings, home to many of the finest psychedelic noise makers out there at present, Gothenburg collective Hills alongside labelmates and fellow countrymen Goat have become a sizable cult proposition. 

The band’s jaw-dropping set at Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia in 2013 saw the group gather new converts for their nuanced, slow-burning tracks, the default setting vistas of repeated guitar motifs plaited with elements drawn from world music. 

As the pulsatant cover art of previous LP 2013 opus Master Sleeps made immediately apparent, the group operate in the realm of music as mind expansion, with Frid (which translates as peace) an impressive addition to the band’s catalogue....

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