19 Aug 2015

Soundblab gives Hills – Frid a 10/10 review

Hills – Frid

Hills exemplify a world music approach to psychedelic jamming. The accumulated musical knowledge of the core members, Pelle [guitar/vox], Hanna [drums], Bob [bass], Kalle [guitar], and Tore [organ/vox], coupled with a willingness to draft in a number of other musicians of various persuasions, contributes to an invigorating and heterogeneous sound. A sound emphasising that musical boundaries are being broken down, genre specification becoming irrelevant. 

In interviews, members of Hills have embraced the notion that their music is meditative and hypnotic, but these tags are most often downgraded or lost in translation, sometimes meaning just music containing relentless dirges, or lengthy jams relying heavily on loops and recurring themes. We now know that there are non-western forms of music, such as the musics of Africa and Eastern Asia that never contrived to be ‘psychedelic’ but are manifestly a spiritual confluence of the cultures from which they came, like Indian Raga, or the desert musics of the Tuareg people...

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