5 Aug 2015

Review of Hey Colossus at Milhões de Festa

According to most people at Milhoes de Festa, Hey Colossus's Saturday, headline performance showed them as the best band of the Festival (closely followed by Anthroprophh :) )

This review is in Portuguese, but it roughly translates to:

Hey Colossus have been around since 2003, but hardly have in the past launched such a good album "In Black & Gold", this year, we hear repeatedly. We asked all: how can these Londoners have not more projection? They left everything on the Stage Millions, ccertamente a concert that is in the top 3 in this issue for those who had the opportunity to attend. They played much of last job, which results and in what way live without forgetting achievements of the past as "Hot Record". Hey Colossus are six men on stage, led by Paul Sykes, frenetic vocalist and performer born (do not count the times I fell to the ground), supported by three guitars (each with its well-defined function) and a rhythm section that does not rest. In the audience, mosh was a constant, which was expected to face a vibrant repertoire, from which we highlight "Hey, Dead Eyes, Up!", "Wired Brainless" or "Eat It". They are for the history of this issue.

Read it how it should read here: Imagemdosom